7 ways Neon Survey’s BLK2GO laser scanner speeds up your project

Providing the most accurate and efficient scanning service for you is our goal, which is why we continue to invest in the best technology to cut down overall project time and eliminate human error.

Here are the 7 powerful ways our BLK2GO scanner speeds up the completion of your project.

1. It captures a full 360 scan

The BLK2GO scans in all directions, so there is never the need for us to scan the same ground twice

2. Fast data capture for areas that might be sensitive or call for time-limited access

The speed of data capture by the BLK2GO means less logistical headaches for you to delay your progress

3. The speed of capture reduces the time needed on site

Measuring more space in the same time compared to traditional methods, we estimate using our BLK2GO cuts down our overall time on site by 60%, after which we are straight on to preparing the deliverable results for you

4. Digital data capture eliminates human error

A significant advantage for you, we can guarantee we won’t have to return to rectify mistakes made through more traditional methods which run the risk of human error

5. Less disruption to your tenants

Your tenants will be disrupted for the minimum amount of time possible due to the effectiveness and efficiency provided by the BLK2GO

6. No return site visits required

This scanner captures a comprehensive picture of your building. So even if the specification changes or you require more details following delivering of your drawings, we already have the scan data we need to provide the extra information you need.

There is never a need for a return visit to your site. You can be assured that with Neon Surveys it is a one-time job.

7. The time/accuracy double whammy

The BLK2GO enables us to get more done, with greater accuracy, more quickly, accelerating the scan phase of your project and the completion of your project.

To enquire how Neon Surveys can help minimise the time it takes to complete your next project, call 01480 718088 or email info@neonsurveys.com We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to our BLK2GO!